Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Inglot Cosmetics: Swatch Fest!

During Black Friday weekend Inglot was offering a stellar sale, 15% off the entire site with free shipping, and since they never have sales I jumped all over it. I ordered 3 Freedom 10 pan palettes & 30 shadows. I re-worked the one 10 pan palette I had already to color theme into the shades I purchased. So there will be some duplicate swatches from my prior Inglot post here with the new. 
10 Pan Palette ($15.00)
Eye Shadow Square ($5.00 ea)

AMC 59, Pearl 412, AMC S 17, AMC S 32 & Pearl 418

Pearl 419, DS 471, Matte 340, Pearl 414, AMC S 57

AMC 51, AMC S 15, AMC S 09, Pearl 405, AMC S 25
AMC S 26, Pearl 430, AMC S 49, AMC S 11, Pearl 406

AMC S 31, Matte 363, Pearl 409, DS 465, Matte 326
Pearl 450, Pearl 452, AMC 55, AMC S 37, Pearl 423

AMC S 25 (Duplicate Color), Matte 362, Matte 344, Matte 358, Pearl 399
Matte 332, Pearl 428, DS 483 (loaded with indigo glitter), Matte 338, Pearl 415
I have to say I love Inglot eyeshadows. They are so soft and velvety yet highly pigmented. All swatches I posted are without a primer and even the photo's don't do the products justice.
Processing time for the order was a bit lengthy, 7 days from order date til when I was generated a shipping confirmation, and then 2 days in transit from Brooklyn to Massachusetts. Items were sent in a yellow bubble mailer wrapped in bubble wrap. My package was a bit beat up but everything was intact. I was a bit surprised because I expected something a bit 'classier' from a brand like Inglot, maybe a box for better protection? This was my first order direct from Inglot so it is possible they were overwhelmed with Black Friday sales.

My main gripe about the entire experience is Inglots website. It is a bit frustrating even a tad overwhelming to use when attempting an order (esp a larger one). There are no swatches of products and a lot of the display colors look alike nor is there an easy way to differentiate the colors. You scroll through colors, entering the quantity desired in the box next to color, and add to cart when finished. It would be super awesome if the colors had descriptions or swatches since Inglot chooses to label their selection by numbers and not names.

Overall I love the product so much I plan on ordering from Inglot again - even if it means headache central when navigating/looking up swatches on other sites because I have to get my hands on some of their pinks & purples. I hope you enjoyed the swatches and as always, Thanks for Reading! XOXO
Inglot Eyeshadow Finishes:
Matte - Flat finish with no shine, shimmer, or sparkle
Pearl - Pearly sheen with a bit of a satiny frost but does not contain any bits of glitter
DS (Double Sparkle) - Matte based eyeshadow with sparkle
AMC (Advanced Makeup Component) - Semi-Matte base with sparkle but less glittery than DS finishes.
AMC Shine - Highly pigmented with a pearly, frosty finish. More shinier than Pearl finishes.


  1. Now I see more colours I need. Oh no!

  2. The colors are so intense and. . . AWESOME !! What a Goddamn shame Inglot does not ship int'l !!! Beautiful swatches Heather, we truly see the quality and the color impact of the e/s !! I love your swatches ^^ - One of the GREATEST swatch-maker, really *not even kidding

  3. That is crazy, how they shipped the products to you! You had so much, I would think they would take some care and consideration on the packaging. I ordered four eyeshadows on December 4th, received generated email notification on the 15th about shipping and was delivered to my door by FedEx man on December 19th, in a box! Mine was nothing compared to what you ordered. I am truly surprised. How do you like the palettes themselves? I read someone's review that they were hard to open. Just wondering, because I think I want some more of their shadows after seeing your swatches and will need a palette.

  4. I also hoped on the sale. Couldn't let something that good pass me by. I choose to stick with neutral colors to fill up one palette then another with colorful colors with my next purchase. It took 3 weeks for my order to be processed and shipped from NY to CA. Longest process ever but I never mind waiting for packages to arrive.