Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Beauty From The Earth: Friends of Zach PT 2

I received my new BFTE order and as promised I wanted to show you beauties the second color available from Beauty From The Earth's Beautiful Beneficence line. BFTE carries 2 eye mineral shades to help support Zach'sFriends, who's mission is to raise awareness about suicide & prevention, with 50% of proceeds going to this cause. Also with each eye mineral shade sold you will also receive a Friend Of Zach bracelet (in coordinating color).
Zach's Friends
This color is full of glittery goodness!
Also in my order was BFTE Passion, which was the Color Of The Week, and some beautiful new lashes! If you are new to BFTE, the COTW is a Full Size jar of product for the low low price of $2.00!! Each week a new color is voted for by BFTE's Facebook Fans. Check out their Facebook page to get in on the voting fun and suggest colors! 

BFTE Passion

Do yourself a favor and check out Beauty From The Earth. I promise you won't be disappointed with their section of shadows! With 350+ it's hard not to find one to fall in love with. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to create a new look with these shadows! I've been out of town most of the weekend/week but I promise you some stellar things to come <3

Thanks for reading! XOXO

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kat Von D Palettes

I know these products have been on the market for quite some time now but as a request by one of my friend's I'm taking some pictures and doing a quick review of the Kat Von D palettes I own from Sephora. I've had these palettes since August/September of 2010 and they were my first venture into more expensive make up.

My first Kat Von D palette was Metal Orchestra and it was gifted to me by my BFF Connie. <3 I loved the blues and silvers in this palette. After using it for a month I decided I wanted to pick up the other ones available online. 

Ludwig $34.00
True Love $34.00

Memento Mori $34.00

Metal Orchestra $34.00

Love & Fury $34.00
I liked the palettes colors and blending potential. They are all very smooth textured and the presentation is very lovely. I've traveled on airplanes with these in my carry on and they are the perfect size for that plus the cream shadows that may be in some of the palettes are so small they will go through the TSA without a problem.

The brushes that come with these sets are kind of a joke as I could never use them efficiently. Maybe I'm just spoiled by my brushes? Another con I would add is the cream shadows dry out very fast. So you'll probably want to use these palettes regularly.

Would I buy again? Possibly depending on the color choices but I wouldn't be beating down Sephora's door for them.

Metal Orchestra Palette

Friday, June 24, 2011

Beauty From The Earth: Denim & Lace Collection

BFTE Denim & Lace
 Besides the 350+ eye mineral shades that Beauty From The Earth carries on their website the company also carries 3 themed eye shadow collections. The one I'm reviewing today is the Denim & Lace Collection which was released in December 2010 and retails at $60.00.  There are 12 full size jars of minerals per set and a saving of $18.00 to purchase the set compared to $6.50 per mineral separately. To me, it's quite a deal!

Denim & Lace - No Flash (Natural Light)
Denim & Lace w/ Flash
My Fav's: Guipure, Blue De Genes, Indigo, Ornamental, Stone Washed & Classic

The Denim & Lace Collection is a great mix of matte and major sparkly goodness. Normally I gravitate towards Matte shadows but literally every single sparkly shadow in this set is full of win. You can see what I'm talking about in these swatches.

Chantilly Lace, Ornamental, Linen, Lace, Guipure & Classic - dry/no primer
Stone Washed, Faded, Denim, Riveted, Blue De Genes & Indigo - dry/no primer

Here's a quick look I did with Lace, Guipure, Stone Washed, Blue De Genes & Indigo. At first Blue De Genes was the prevalent color in this look however I blended it down with some Indigo to create a look that any person can pull off as the colors are not so in your face.

I apologize for the lighting being poor as it's been pouring all day here in MA and so the lighting is really bad anywhere in my apt.

I  <3 Johnny Cash.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Eye Primer: Its your BFF!

Recently I've had a lot of questions posed to me (online & in person) about how I get my eye shadows so vibrant. The key player in my make up arsenal is eye primer or eye shadow base. Applied prior to eye shadow application it will increase the color and the longevity of the shadow. The eye primer that has been a staple for me is Urban Decay Primer Potion. Retailing at $18.00 (Vintage Bottle, pictured below) and up depending on size you purchase.

NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean, NYX White Eye Shadow Base & UDPP

Recently I purchased NYX's Eye Shadow Base in White ($4.99 at Cherry Culture) & their Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean ($2.99 at Cherry Culture). The white eye base is perfect for bright colors to make them pop but ensure you don't apply to much because it may crease if you really layer it on.

Another option to use as a base is black! Sounds weird? Trust me it transforms any eye shadow into a 'richer' color or bring out that duo-chrome goodness if you happen to be applying one. When I layer my shadows over black I use NYX Black Bean or my Mehron: Paradise Make Up AQ  in Black (semi-soft, water activated) as a base. I know its technically body paint/face paint but it works just as well and it stays forever! Literally will not budge with rubbing. I hate creasing so most eye creams are not for me.

BFTE Celeste swatched on: NYX Black Bean, NYX White Eye Shadow Base, UDPP & Dry/No Primer
As you can see BFTE Celeste is totally transformed into a different color over NYX Black Bean. Comparing NYX White Eye Base & the UDPP the color looks almost identical but there are differences that weren't picked up by my camera. Also, I'd like to note that while the NYX White Eye Shadow Base is great with bright colors it would not look too grand with neutral/natural shades but that wouldn't be a problem for UDPP. Eye primer is a must if you plan on wearing loose eye shadow and you'll get the true color pay out of your eye shadows with it! 

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Beauty From The Earth: Matte Sampler & Friends Of Zach PT 1

Oh, that beautiful pink labeled envelope! When I see it in my mail box my day is instantly better because make up = euphoria for me. BFTE is a quality product for a superb price and yesterday this darling was awaiting me when I got home from work.

BFTE has sturdy packaging in their bubble mailers and all products are nicely wrapped in black tissue paper.

This week I had ordered Calypso, which was the Color Of The Week, and Erase The Stigma. I want to take a moment and mention their Beautiful Beneficence line which Erase The Stigma is part of. BFTE carries 2 eye mineral shades to help support Zach'sFriends, who's mission is to raise awareness about suicide & prevention, with 50% of proceeds going to this cause. With each eye mineral shade sold you will also receive a Friend Of Zach bracelet (in coordinating color).

 I personally don't know a single person who hasn't been affected by someones premature and tragic loss. Through awareness, like ZachsFriends, hopefully a life can be saved. That being said - I am a proud supporter and will be purchasing the other mineral shade Zach's Friend this week (swatches to come upon receipt).


Erase The Stigma

Swatch of Erase The Stigma - dry/no primer.
Also inside this lovely mailer was BFTE's 16 piece Matte Mineral Sampler which retails at $29.00 and is a great bargain. The colors included are: Black, Linen, Mississippi Mud, Very Vanilla, Navy, Belle Of The Ball, Panurple, Playful, Sweet Dreams, Main Stage, Grassy, Twisted, Sweet Nibblets, Hangover, Red River & Girl Next Door.

My Fav's: Red River, Main Stage, Navy, Sweet Nibblets, Grassy, Mississippi Mud & Hangover.
Girl Next Door, Sweet Dreams, Main Stage, Playful, Navy, Panurple, Belle Of The Ball, Red River & Very Vanilla - dry/no primer
Black, Twisted, Grassy, Hangover, Sweet Nibblets, Mississippi Mud, Linen & Calypso - dry/no primer.

I am a huge fan of Matte eye shadows. Don't get me wrong, I love the glitter and the glitz, but some of the most dramatic and sultry looks are made with matte's. Matte's blend together flawlessly and can be either tailored for a sweet or vampy look - the possibilities are endless. Each shade available in this collection has the ability to compliment others or to create a bright bold look (see pic below). I truly have no negatives to say about this set.

If you are digging these mattes but not a fan of all the colors, BFTE also sells a sampler for the same price of $29.00, in which you get to pick your 16 samples! So if Mattes aren't your gig but you really want to try BFTE and their sparkly goodness it's a great start!

A Quick Look w/  BFTE Twisted, Panurple, Belle Of The Ball, Black & Very Vanilla

BFTE Lemon, Spring Moss (Matte), Patriot (Matte) & Butt Naked. Patriot is not in the 16 piece sampler but it needs to be in your collection.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

For anyone who knows me well you know I am a huge fan of lipstick but in October 2010 I discovered a product that would change what I used on my lips forever. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar is revolutionary and a must have for anyone who is a fan of lip products. 

As new Lip Tars are released I will post updated swatches.

From OCC's website: "A stunning new innovation in lip color, OCC Lip Tar combines the longevity of a lipstick, with the ease of application of a gloss. Goes on slick and moist, and dries down to a satin finish. Ultra-saturated in color, Lip Tar contains an unprecedented amount of pigment - a little goes a very, very long way! An intense yet featherweight layer of color that stands up to the scrutiny of Hi-Def Video and Digital Photography, without ever looking (or feeling!) heavy. Meant to be mixed, Lip Tar comes in concise array of colors for a limitless selection of shades made by you!"

Oh, it is that spectacular my friends. I first ordered 5 Lip Tars and as you can see my collection has grown since my first purchase.

OCC Lip Tar is 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free, and is also free of parabens and other harsh preservatives. OCC Lip Tar does contain Hemp Oil, Peppermint Oil and Vitamin E, so if you are not a fan of Peppermint the smell may be a little much for you. I find it quite refreshing and enjoy the smell/texture of the product.

My Lippy Arsenal: Compact, Lip Brush, Lip Liner (Nude or Red) & Urban Decay Lip Primer
 It is recommended that OCC Lip Tar should be applied with a lip brush and I couldn't agree more. You seriously need a small bead of product for it to cover your lips. Over application of the product could result in feathering so be sure to use a tiny amount and line your lips with a good liner to help prevent feathering. OCC Lip Tar is so pigmented that some of the brighter colors (i.e. Harlot, Anime) will leave a stain on the lips even after removing the Lip Tar. I can apply my Lip Tar, drink coffee and eat lunch with minimal touch up needed.

Harlot, NSFW, Valentino, Stalker, Strutter & Vintage
 Here are some Lip Tar Swatches that I took. All images taken on my digital camera without flash in natural lighting in an attempt to give you a good idea of the true color. However some of these colors are SO insanely bright my camera couldn't capture their full epicness. Some of the reds may look similar but they are not! Take a look at the above image to notice the difference. OCC Reds are where it's at!

OCC Lip Tar in Harlot. Vibrant Cherry Red w/ Fiery Coral Undertone. My camera can't even handle it.

OCC Lip Tar in NSFW. True Primary Red

OCC Lip Tar in Stalker. True, Classic, Pin Up Blue-Based Red

OCC Lip Tar in Strutter. Deep Mahogany Red. Beautiful red and my camera doesn't do it justice.

OCC Lip Tar in Vintage. Deep Merlot Burgundy. Much richer/blood red in real life. Old Hollywood Deep Red!

OCC Lip Tar in Valentino. Limited Edition.

Conquest, Interlace, Cha Cha, Trick, Uber & Beta

OCC Lip Tar in Cha Cha. Creamy, Pale Tangerine.

OCC Lip Tar in Conquest. Polished Ivory Neutral

OCC Lip Tar in Trick. Pale Beige w/ Subtle Warm Undertones

OCC Lip Tar in Uber. Medium Toned Taupe

OCC Lip Tar in Beta. Vivid Neon Orange

OCC Lip Tar in Interlace. Subtle Peach Neutral.

Tone, Trollop, Divine, Pageant, Anime & Strumpet

OCC Lip Tar in Tone. Slightly Greyed Mauve/Pink

OCC Lip Tar in Trollop. Pink, Cranberry Coral

OCC Lip Tar in Divine. Bright Pink Flamingo *Pic doesn't do it justice*

OCC Lip Tar in Pageant. Beauty Queen Pink/Fuschia

OCC Lip Tar in Anime. Intense Neon Pink. This color is a must have!

OCC Lip Tar in Strumpet. Seedless Red Grape.
Vapid, Katricia, Plum, Demure, Sour Grape, Hoochie

OCC Lip Tar in Vapid. Bubblegum Lavender.

OCC Lip Tar in Plum.

OCC Lip Tar in Katricia. Creamy Rich Violet.

OCC Lip Tar in Hoochie. Super Bright True Magenta.

OCC Lip Tar in Demure. Deep Purple w/ Intense Fuchsia Understones *Pic doesn't do it justice*

OCC Lip Tar in Sour Grape. Limited Edition. Cross between Strumpet & Demure.
Tarred, RX, Traffic, LoFi

OCC Lip Tar in RX. Primary Cyan Blue.

OCC Lip Tar in Lo-Fi. Opaque Mint Green. *Pic doesn't do it justice. Will retake ASAP*

OCC Lip Tar in Tarred. True Opaque Black.
OCC Lip Tar in Traffic. Primary Yellow.

Yellow Iron Oxide, Red Iron Oxide & Dangerous

OCC Lip Tar in Yellow Iron Oxide. Mustard Yellow, Excellent for Mixing.

OCC Lip Tar in Red Iron Oxide. Mahogany/Auburn Red. Excellent for Mixing.

OCC Lip Tar in Dangerous. Stone Grey. Excellent for Mixing.
  Oops! Didn't mean to hold Red Iron Oxide upside down! 

Red Iron Oxide, Yellow Iron Oxide & Dangerous were released in Spring 2011 and was described as OCC's ultimate mixing companions. For example, Red Iron Oxide & Yellow Iron Oxide mix to make a shade similar to Trick.

Fall 2011 Lip Tars: Pretty Boy, Butch & Queen
OCC Lip Tar in Pretty Boy. Rich, Saturated Fuchsia.

OCC Lip Tar in Butch. True Periwinkle, Daring But Wearable Blue.

OCC Lip Tar in Queen. Intense, Nearly-Neon Red/Pink.
 Some of these colors may have you raising an eyebrow but keep in mind that these colors are meant to be mixed! You can create your own custom shades (NSFW & LoFi = Plum) or wear as is. Before you apply your Lip Tars make sure you exfoliate your lips because if they are chapped (see my image of Lo-Fi) it will be easily seen. Which is why I always apply lip primer prior to application. 

My closing remarks would be give these Lip Tars a try! OCC Lip Tar retails at $13.00 8mL and is worth every penny. I seriously adore them and haven't worn any of my lip stick since I purchased!