Friday, June 17, 2011

NYX Round Lipstick

God bless genetics because I was gifted with a semi full pout and wearing lipstick was always natural for me. Once I got my first tube when I was a teenager I was hooked and thus began my cosmetic obsession. I've always been a bit of a lippy snob and rarely purchased any lip product below $25.00. This past year I tried to expand my horizons and so I recently went to Cherry Culture and ordered 3 tubes of NYX Round Lipstick ($1.99) and 1 vial of Diamond Sparkle Lipgloss ($4.25). At those prices I figured eh- why not.

 NYX Round Lipstick has over 144 shades available! The colors are all over the board and thats what really drew my attention to this product. The shades pictured are: Red Sparkle Diamond Gloss, Black Cherry (575), Almost Black (564) and Snow White (569). I've always gravitated towards the darker shades and most of my lippy collection is just that. 

The NYX Lipsticks go on smoothly and have quite a bit of moisture in them. The staying power is so-so and I feel with this product you get what you pay for. They tend to smudge easily and the texture is quite thick. The major con for me is the floral smell these lipsticks have. It can be over powering for someone, like myself, who is not a fan of perfumes. 

NYX Black Cherry. The Lipstick smudged SO much I couldn't keep it off my lip rings. A problem I typically don't have with other brands.
The lipgloss was a definite shot in the dark for me because I've never been a gloss girl and where as this gloss has pretty good coverage on its own I highly recommend wearing over a lipstick to jazz it up. So would I buy again? Probably not - but don't let that deter you! You can't go wrong for the price and if you're just starting out building up your lippy empire then these may be for you!

Black Cherry, Almost Black & Snow White

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