Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kat Von D Palettes

I know these products have been on the market for quite some time now but as a request by one of my friend's I'm taking some pictures and doing a quick review of the Kat Von D palettes I own from Sephora. I've had these palettes since August/September of 2010 and they were my first venture into more expensive make up.

My first Kat Von D palette was Metal Orchestra and it was gifted to me by my BFF Connie. <3 I loved the blues and silvers in this palette. After using it for a month I decided I wanted to pick up the other ones available online. 

Ludwig $34.00
True Love $34.00

Memento Mori $34.00

Metal Orchestra $34.00

Love & Fury $34.00
I liked the palettes colors and blending potential. They are all very smooth textured and the presentation is very lovely. I've traveled on airplanes with these in my carry on and they are the perfect size for that plus the cream shadows that may be in some of the palettes are so small they will go through the TSA without a problem.

The brushes that come with these sets are kind of a joke as I could never use them efficiently. Maybe I'm just spoiled by my brushes? Another con I would add is the cream shadows dry out very fast. So you'll probably want to use these palettes regularly.

Would I buy again? Possibly depending on the color choices but I wouldn't be beating down Sephora's door for them.

Metal Orchestra Palette


  1. I have Ludwig and Metal Orchestra. I feel the exact same as you do about them lol.

  2. That's the hair colour I got yesterday! :D Luv your look!

  3. omg! you look gorgeous in that look! i'd love to buy a few kat's palettes, but i live in italy and sephora doesen't have them here :(

  4. @Sakura: That is my FAV hair color of ALL time! <3

    @YLML: This is probably a major stupid question on my behalf but can they ship em to you in Italy? I know there's a few products I would kill to get from the UK but they can't ship to the USA due to regulations (ie. Sleek MakeUp Acid palette) :(