Saturday, October 29, 2011

Beauty From The Earth: More Swatches

Time for another BFTE post! I recently ordered 6 jars of eye shadow and thought this snowy October night was a great time to share. Hope you all have a great & safe Halloween weekend!!

Chocolate, Envy, Lava Momma, Dusty Rose, Pumped & Cornflower

Chocolate, Envy, Lava Momma, Dusty Rose, Pumped & Cornflower
Every single BFTE color is a win but if I had to pick 3 favorites (its hard to choose just one) it would be Chocolate, Lava Momma & Cornflower. But honestly I've never been disappointed with their shades or customer service! 

Be sure to keep your eyes open for Crystals Birthday Collection releasing soon! Colors are Carrot Cake, Double Chocolate, Red Velvet, & Cupcake. This set will be $20 and BFTE will only make 50 sets.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hot Topic Baked Eye Shadows

While I was at Hot Topic the other day I decided to snag some more of their Baked Eye Shadows that are lurking on the clearance rack. Hot Topic has come out with a new beauty line called Warpaint so their older collection has been steadily marked down. In with the new and out with the old! 

I haven't had the opportunity to purchase any of the Warpaint shadows yet but wanted to take some pics of the older line and swatches in case you wish to run to your nearest HT to see if they have any left on clearance. I currently got mine with the Clearance Sale (Buy One, Get the Second 1/2 off). Holla at me savings!

Surprisingly, these shadows are pretty pigmented! I never know what to expect when I buy cosmetics at retailers, who's specialty is not cosmetics, because its either great or a dud. To achieve a bright bold look with these I highly recommend a primer first (these swatches were taken without primer).

These baked goods are on sale for $1.98! So if you dig them hit your local HTops!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fyrinnae: Halloween 2011 Shadows

Who doesn't love Halloween Collections? When I found out Fyrinnae was releasing 9 new shadows under a Halloween Collection I was ALL over it. Since I was ordering I also decided to score some more of their "Ghost" Shades which are really fantastic duo-chromes.

Book Of The Dead, Purgatory, Bride of Frankenstein, Electric Stardust, Dorian Grey & Are You My Mummy?

Raven's Prophecy, Crimson Ghost, Alchemist's Curse, Steampunk, Wake Not The Dead & Winter Again
**Winter Again, Crimson Ghost, Electric Stardust are not part of the Halloween Collection**

Excuse the multiple images, they may look the same, however it was really hard for me to get pictures that even resembled the amazingness of these shadows. In fact I trashed the first 2 sets of pictures I took because once I uploaded them I thought they sucked. It's even hard to see in this set of photos but Raven's Prophecy is loaded with green & blue reflects and Crimson Ghost is a Pink/Golden duo chrome. Simply stunning - the whole lot of shadows!

My Favorites: Are You My Mummy?, Raven's Prophecy, Purgatory, Crimson Ghost & Wake Not The Dead.

If you love Fyrinnae then you /NEED/ these in your life.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Beauty From The Earth: Mineral Blush & Highlights

This past year I really learned to love Blush & the whole aspect of applying mineral make up to my face to contour and give it an all around glow. Lets face it, I used to believe being pasty pale was where its at but I've really expanded out of some close mindedness. I found that it's okay not to look deathly pale - all the time! 

I have a few different blush brands (Sephora, Sleek, Clinique, Fyrinnae) but I really enjoy BFTE's Mineral Blush & Highlighter. They seem to be my go-to brand and that's okay! Quality product at amazing prices is a win. I started easing into blush with the purchase of Neutral Pink and after scoring Georgia Peach in a following order I was hooked. I never thought a coral tone would be for me but it compliments my skin tone so nicely. So please take chances because you may be shocked with what you find!

Lush, Georgia Peach, Goddess & Buff Apricot

Lush, Georgia Peach, Goddess & Buff Apricot

Doll Face, Bronzed Babe, Zinger & Neutral Pink

Doll Face, Bronzed Babe, Zinger & Neutral Pink

All 3 Highlighters BFTE offers & Medium Bronzer

Pyxis, Lynx, Aquila & Medium Bronzer

Pyxis, Lynx, Aquila & Medium Bronzer - Darkened the image slightly to show a difference
My favorites: Georgia Peach, Doll Face, Buff Apricot & Goddess

The great thing about blush is it can be blended down to a faint trace on your cheeks instead of the 1980's blush application. I'm totally into both looks so it depends on what I'm trying to achieve for the day. Also, another perk to wearing blush is I don't get asked if I use SPF 10,000 every week.

Have any Blush recommendations or must haves that I need? Comment so I can check them out!

Thanks for reading! XOXO

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sugarpill Cosmetics: Chromalust Loose Eye Shadow PT 2

First off I wanted to apologize for my lapse in blog posting lately. This time of the year is always really busy for me at work and I've had no time to take pictures. However I'm hoping to fix that situation starting now. Thanks for your patience!

It's no secret that I'm a huge Sugarpill fan. I have all the pressed shadows Sugarpill offers but I'm still trying to finish out my collection of the Chromalust Loose Shadows. This week I scored 4 more additional jars of loose pigments to add to my collection and I wanted to share some pictures/swatches with you!

I somehow misplaced the box to Tiara >.<

Weekender, Decora, Royal Sugar & Tiara - no primer

Sugarpill never disappoints! I am in love with these loose pigments. Out of the 12 Chromalusts I own, Royal Sugar is my all time favorite, hands down!! In the above swatch image all were applied without primer and just look at Royal Sugar. Its a super rich blue pigment with lots of sparkle - it's giving me the fevah! The other 3 loose pigments are all fantastic in their own right but RS is the ultimate show stopper.

To see more swatches of prior purchased Chromalust Shadows please hit up: Chromalust Shadows PT 1

Do you own any Sugarpill Chromalust Shadows? What is your ultimate fav?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Inglot Cosmetics: PT 2

Another friend of mine was unloading an extra Inglot palette of hers and I had to scoop it up. It has all the colors in it I love the most - Earth Tones! Not to mention it's a perfect time to sport all these colors since its Fall.

Top Row: 35 Shine, 30 Shine, 08 Shine, 430 Pearl & 25 Shine
Bottom Row: 11 Shine, 09 Shine, 406 Pearl, 419 Pearl & 418 Pearl

35 Shine, 30 Shine, 08 Shine, 430 Pearl & 25 Shine

35 Shine, 30 Shine, 08 Shine, 430 Pearl & 25 Shine

11 Shine, 09 Shine, 406 Pearl, 419 Pearl & 418 Pearl

11 Shine, 09 Shine, 406 Pearl, 419 Pearl & 418 Pearl

I am in love with Inglot shadows. The Freedom Palettes are pretty stellar since you get to create your own custom palette. The shadows themselves are smooth and soft to the touch. Care must be taken when removing the pans from the magnetic palettes as its really easy to dent the eyeshadow trying to get them out.

Inglot is a brand I look to further expand my collection on as they have a stunning array of greens and blues I'm dying to get my hands on.

Do you own any Inglot eyeshadows? Have any suggestions for must have colors? Please let me know! <3