Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fyrinnae: Halloween 2011 Shadows

Who doesn't love Halloween Collections? When I found out Fyrinnae was releasing 9 new shadows under a Halloween Collection I was ALL over it. Since I was ordering I also decided to score some more of their "Ghost" Shades which are really fantastic duo-chromes.

Book Of The Dead, Purgatory, Bride of Frankenstein, Electric Stardust, Dorian Grey & Are You My Mummy?

Raven's Prophecy, Crimson Ghost, Alchemist's Curse, Steampunk, Wake Not The Dead & Winter Again
**Winter Again, Crimson Ghost, Electric Stardust are not part of the Halloween Collection**

Excuse the multiple images, they may look the same, however it was really hard for me to get pictures that even resembled the amazingness of these shadows. In fact I trashed the first 2 sets of pictures I took because once I uploaded them I thought they sucked. It's even hard to see in this set of photos but Raven's Prophecy is loaded with green & blue reflects and Crimson Ghost is a Pink/Golden duo chrome. Simply stunning - the whole lot of shadows!

My Favorites: Are You My Mummy?, Raven's Prophecy, Purgatory, Crimson Ghost & Wake Not The Dead.

If you love Fyrinnae then you /NEED/ these in your life.


  1. they're so lovely! I wish I could get them :)

  2. I wish I could have gotten pictures that did these shadows justice! I was so close to throwing my camera out of frustration. They really are 10,000x more amazing in person.