Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sugarpill FOTD

A quick and tropical sunrise FOTD using Sugarpill Cosmetics <3 Not quite a day to day look but I felt like having some fun. Hope you enjoy!

Sugarpill Pressed:
Tako, Afterparty, Buttercupcake & Flamepoint

Sugarpill Loose:
Magpie, Goldilux & Asylum

Not the most flattering of photos but best out of the bunch >.<

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sleek MakeUp: Me, Myself & Eye and Curacao i-Divine Palettes

On September 16th Sleek MakeUp released a new limited edition palette called Me, Myself & Eye. It's a team up between Sleek Make Up & PPQ fashion house, taking inspiration from PPQ's S/S theme, the palette is a mix of matte's & shimmer eyeshadow. I really liked how some of the shades were swatched on some pre-release blogs so I had to have it and since I was ordering might as well score the Curacao palette before its sold out for good. 

I'm super impressed with Sleek's S&H turn over this time around. I ordered on Friday Sept 16th, my packaged processed out on Weds Sept 21st and arrived on Tue Sept 27th from the UK! Everything was safe & sound with no transit damage. A+ Sleek!

Me, Myself & Eye $10.50

 Me, Myself & Eye i-Divine Palette is pretty rockin. After swatching the colors in person I find the palette really pretty but not a die-hard must have which is a bummer. I absolutely love Chris De Burgundy & Primal Green tho. Maybe the palette will grow on me over time and maybe I'm just thrown off because there's really no 'color' theme to this collection. I do see lots of colors in this palette that are perfect for Fall right now.

Curacao $10.50

The Curacao palette was totally a better purchase for myself. I love these bright shades and the matte's in this palette didn't swatch so bad either. As previously stated, my skin is kryptonite to Sleek mattes, and I usually find myself disappointed when I do swatch them. Not so much this time however! I highly recommend this palette to any fan of bright tropical colors.
Flushed $6.50

Last but not least I scored Sleek's Flushed Blush from a friend of mine. Its a deep berry shade which may be intimidating for some but its quite beautiful! In my photo I swatched the blush lightly (top) and blended down but also swatched heavily showing the blushes full potential 80's style. This is my first time owning any Sleek blush and I do like it. I'm dying to get my hands on Rose Gold but Sleek has been sold out for a while.

Thanks for reading! XOXO

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fyrinnae: Eyeshadows & Pixie Epoxy

Oh, happy day and happy weekend because my order from Fyrinnae arrived! 8 Sample Eyeshadows (+1 free sample jar of Chaotic Evil) and the famed Pixie Epoxy. To be honest I was most excited about trying out the Epoxy then anything else in the package! Before I get into my opinions on that product let me first share some swatches with you.

Jade Ghost, Monarch Butterfly, Bifrost, Atomic Afterglow, Sleepy Hollow, Devilish, Eternal Innocence, Dinosaur Plushie & Chaotic Evil

I continued to swatch these products over BFTE Liquid Luster since it was the base I used in all of my prior Fyrinnae posts and wanted to maintain some consistency til I did comparison photos. As always I highly recommend using a base like Pixie Epoxy or BFTE Liquid Luster when you wear Fyrinnae eyeshadow since it is made to wear with one. 

My favorites: Jade Ghost, Bifrost, Sleepy Hollow, Devilish & Dinosaur Plushie. Jade Ghost is just awesome and is part of Fyrinnae 'Ghost Shades' line. I love anything duochrome and I'll be purchasing the others with my next order!

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy (L) & BFTE Liquid Luster (R)

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy (L) & BFTE Liquid Luster (R)
To show the difference between Pixie Epoxy and Liquid Luster I did two swatches of 2 different colors to show the difference. In the picture there is Fyrinnae's Dinosaur Plushie & Eternal Innocence with Pixie Epoxy (L) & Liquid Luster (R) as bases. Pixie Epoxy is a glycerine base so its really thick but not too sticky where as LL is just that, Liquid. 

Pixie Epoxy seemed to 'grab' the color more and create a solid swatch where as LL was more streaky. This was visually evident more with the darker color Eternal Innocence but not as much with Dinosaur Plushie. Just a little goes a long way with Pixie Epoxy so a full size tube ($7.00) will last you and is worth the dollars! I will retire the LL to use with my minerals but Epoxy is where its at when wearing the Fyrinnae shadows.

I am a believer! Thanks for reading! XOXO

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

MOI Minerals FOTD

It's a bit cool outside here in MA lately so I wanted to be a bit tropical for just a little longer considering there will be snow on the ground before I know it. >.<  Hope you enjoy the look!

MOI Minerals Used:
Cactus (Highlight)
Raze & Talk Dirty To Me (Lid)
Chilled & Buffy (Cut Crease)
Poison Ivy (Darken the Corners of Cut Crease)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Inglot Cosmetics

One of my dear friends was selling her 3 pan palette from Inglot Cosmetics so I had to snatch it up because Inglot is a company I've always wanted to try. Inglot is a higher end cosmetic company which offers you the 'Freedom System' of custom building a palette to your liking. You purchase the empty palettes (with numerous styles to choose from) and then pick the eyeshadow shades (or blush) you'd like. If that's not for you they do sell individual eyeshadow pots. Just browsing their website can be overwhelming considering the choices you have.

The 3 pan palette I picked up is more of a neutral palette and away from what I normally wear - which is bright in your face colors.

These colors are very beautiful. I was impressed by the texture of the eyeshadow itself when I was swatching. It was velvety smooth and took only two swipes on my arm to create each swatch so the product is definitely pigmented.
 (L - R)
DS 465: Brown w/ Gold Flecks
 399 Pearl: Shimmery Dusty Pink/Tan
362 Matte: Raspberry/Bubblegum Pink

I loved how this looks in person. This is the first neutral look I've done in a long time and it's a little weird for me - not going to lie. Since I wanted to go a bit more natural I'm not wearing any false lashes in these pictures. However I felt really 'naked' without them so here's a pic of me /with/ false lashes. 

Thanks for reading! XOXO

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fyrinnae: Glow Blush & more Eyeshadows

I was so impressed with my first order from Fyrinnae that I automatically wanted to order more products from them. However their website is always in limbo between accepting orders and shut down to fill the rush of orders that come in when the site is up. Needless to say I had to wait a while as the site was down for a few weeks but victory is in my grasp as the site is currently online and taking orders the past week - in which I've placed two. 

The order I'm sharing with you lovelies today is 6 of their sample Eyeshadows (+1 free sample of Samhain Spirits) and 7 sample jars of Glow Blush. Fyrinnae gives a lot in their sample jars so if you're new to the company this is a great way to try them out! Not to mention sample jar orders process faster then full size/larger orders as the company produces enough of the colors to satisfy the orders coming in.

Always packaged in fun tissue paper
7 Sample Jars Glow Blush & 7 Sample Jars Eyeshadow

Fire Opal, Lucky Charmed, Rapunzel Had Extensions, Samhain Spirits, Dragons Wing, Digital Faerie & Immortality

Fire Opal, Lucky Charmed, Rapunzel Had Extensions, Samhain Spirits, Dragons Wing, Digital Faerie & Immortality

These shadows are just gorgeous. Rapunzel Had Extensions is my favorite out of this batch of shadows but all of them are simply stunning. They were applied over BFTE's Liquid Luster. To all you diehard Fyrinnae fans, never fear, I have ordered some Pixie Epoxy with my last order and should be receiving it within the next 2 weeks! They were sold out at the time I placed my first order. I highly recommend using a Mixing Medium (i.e. Pixie Epoxy, Liquid Luster, etc) when wearing Fyrinnae as this product is made to be worn with such.

Now onto their Glow Blushes!

Temptation, Intrigue, Captivate, Seduce, Charm, Enchant & Mesmerize

Temptation, Intrigue, Captivate, Seduce, Charm, Enchant & Mesmerize

Its a very gloomy day here in Massachusetts so taking pictures was a bit difficult. My favorite out of the group of blushes is Captivate. It's a beautiful rose pink blush with gold reflects. I'm excited to try these purple blushes out as I usually stick closer to pinks and golds for blush/highlights. It's always good to get out of your safe zone and purple blush is in for Fall.

I did add far more product then whats needed to darken up the swatches so you could see the true color since one or two swipes on my arm wasn't cutting it for pictures. Of course all of these can be blended down to be more sheer and since the blushes are so pigmented you really only need just a little on your cheeks.

I hope you enjoyed all the swatches so far and stay tuned as I have another order in the mail!

Thanks for reading! XOXO