Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sleek MakeUp: Me, Myself & Eye and Curacao i-Divine Palettes

On September 16th Sleek MakeUp released a new limited edition palette called Me, Myself & Eye. It's a team up between Sleek Make Up & PPQ fashion house, taking inspiration from PPQ's S/S theme, the palette is a mix of matte's & shimmer eyeshadow. I really liked how some of the shades were swatched on some pre-release blogs so I had to have it and since I was ordering might as well score the Curacao palette before its sold out for good. 

I'm super impressed with Sleek's S&H turn over this time around. I ordered on Friday Sept 16th, my packaged processed out on Weds Sept 21st and arrived on Tue Sept 27th from the UK! Everything was safe & sound with no transit damage. A+ Sleek!

Me, Myself & Eye $10.50

 Me, Myself & Eye i-Divine Palette is pretty rockin. After swatching the colors in person I find the palette really pretty but not a die-hard must have which is a bummer. I absolutely love Chris De Burgundy & Primal Green tho. Maybe the palette will grow on me over time and maybe I'm just thrown off because there's really no 'color' theme to this collection. I do see lots of colors in this palette that are perfect for Fall right now.

Curacao $10.50

The Curacao palette was totally a better purchase for myself. I love these bright shades and the matte's in this palette didn't swatch so bad either. As previously stated, my skin is kryptonite to Sleek mattes, and I usually find myself disappointed when I do swatch them. Not so much this time however! I highly recommend this palette to any fan of bright tropical colors.
Flushed $6.50

Last but not least I scored Sleek's Flushed Blush from a friend of mine. Its a deep berry shade which may be intimidating for some but its quite beautiful! In my photo I swatched the blush lightly (top) and blended down but also swatched heavily showing the blushes full potential 80's style. This is my first time owning any Sleek blush and I do like it. I'm dying to get my hands on Rose Gold but Sleek has been sold out for a while.

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  1. I am in dire need of the Curacao palette and some pixie epoxy!!!