Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Beauty Addiction: Molten Metals

In my search for looking for more indie cosmetic companies I came across My Beauty Addiction on Facebook and looked into their line. One thing that stuck out to me was I loved their selection of 200+ minerals and I /had/ to have the Molten Metals Collection. MBA is run by Sherrie in Ohio and can be found on Facebook, Etsy & their personal webpage.

Aged Gold, Umber, Coppermine & Twisted

I ordered the Molten Metals Sample Set ($7.50) off of Etsy & full size jar of Twisted ($5.00)

Tops of jars

Bottoms of jars. Both full size & sample come with ingredient list

Full Size Jar, Twisted, sealed w/ sifter


Umber, Gold Olive, Smolder & Aged Gold

Rust, Milk Chocolate, Burnished & Coppermine
Twisted, Rust, Chocolate, Burnished & Coppermine

Umber, Gold Olive, Smolder & Aged Gold
The colors are beautiful and apply smooth. The sample sizes are generous but there is some fall out from opening the jars and closing them. Nothing too extreme but there will be some shadow 'dust' that will swoop out and sprinkle whatever surface it lays on due to being topsy turvy in shipping. I would just suggest opening and closing slowly and storing the containers flat. I would still prefer these storage containers over baggies because I always make a mess with bags.

Some of these colors are very similar to the primary pigments I have from BFTE. Smolder is almost an exact dupe of Vamp. I'm not sure if these are repackaged pigments, as it's not listed on MBA's site if they sell them as such, but a few colors are pretty close.

Aged Gold, Umber, Coppermine & Twisted

Excuse my crazy fly-away bangs

Thanks for reading! XOXO


  1. smolder is delicious-looking shade <333

  2. It's really close to BFTE Vamp. I swatched them next to each other and to my eye there was very little difference.

  3. WOW I'd seen their stuff before on etsy.....but seeing the swatches and looks you did:
    I definitely am going to be ordering!!!

    Thanks for the swatching!!!

  4. Lovely! very nice colours! I love your hair too!!

  5. These look right up my alley, I love metal shades! Smolder looks gorgeous but I guess I don't need it since I already have Vamp lol. Btw I LOVE your hair in these pics!<3

  6. This look is amazing!! I love your hair!!