Thursday, September 1, 2011

Beauty From The Earth: Purple & Pink Mineral Swatches

There's a lot to be said for Purple & Pink eye shadows. You can create a very innocent look or a vampy smokey eye. Beauty From The Earth has some wicked *yay Massachusetts* purple & pink minerals!

Livid, Grape, Zachs Friend, Rome, Hitchcock & Starstruck
Big Ego, Moondust, Wicked, Aphrodite, Midnight Kisses, Panurple
Raspberry, Tripleberry, Sugarcoated, Passion, Sweet N Spicy & Believe
Karma, Last Dance, Classy, Stunning, Paris & Princess
There's a big difference between Last Dance & Classy. Last Dance is more plummy/shimmery and Classy is a purplish-red.

Spring Fever, Winter Rose, End Of Times, Sugar Daddy, Sugar Plum & Holiday Magic
Rock You, Love Potion #9, Iced Violets, Orchid, Hollywood Secrets & Unicorn
Cheeky, Belle Of The Ball, Always A Bridesmaid & Girl Next Door

Thanks for reading! XOXO


  1. Awesome swatches again!

    So Rock You and Panurple colors look kinda similar, but one is matte and one is shimmery, yes? How else do they differ?

  2. This is making me lust after more BFTE! :P

  3. @Emily: They do look mad similar huh? Panurple leans more towards a lavender-purple, still bright, but Rock You is loaded with shimmer/glittery goodness and has more of a blue base/darker. I use Rock You more then Panurple but both are great colors :)

    @Katie: Totally love BFTE. I still want more. :)