Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fyrinnae: Eyeshadows & Pixie Epoxy

Oh, happy day and happy weekend because my order from Fyrinnae arrived! 8 Sample Eyeshadows (+1 free sample jar of Chaotic Evil) and the famed Pixie Epoxy. To be honest I was most excited about trying out the Epoxy then anything else in the package! Before I get into my opinions on that product let me first share some swatches with you.

Jade Ghost, Monarch Butterfly, Bifrost, Atomic Afterglow, Sleepy Hollow, Devilish, Eternal Innocence, Dinosaur Plushie & Chaotic Evil

I continued to swatch these products over BFTE Liquid Luster since it was the base I used in all of my prior Fyrinnae posts and wanted to maintain some consistency til I did comparison photos. As always I highly recommend using a base like Pixie Epoxy or BFTE Liquid Luster when you wear Fyrinnae eyeshadow since it is made to wear with one. 

My favorites: Jade Ghost, Bifrost, Sleepy Hollow, Devilish & Dinosaur Plushie. Jade Ghost is just awesome and is part of Fyrinnae 'Ghost Shades' line. I love anything duochrome and I'll be purchasing the others with my next order!

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy (L) & BFTE Liquid Luster (R)

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy (L) & BFTE Liquid Luster (R)
To show the difference between Pixie Epoxy and Liquid Luster I did two swatches of 2 different colors to show the difference. In the picture there is Fyrinnae's Dinosaur Plushie & Eternal Innocence with Pixie Epoxy (L) & Liquid Luster (R) as bases. Pixie Epoxy is a glycerine base so its really thick but not too sticky where as LL is just that, Liquid. 

Pixie Epoxy seemed to 'grab' the color more and create a solid swatch where as LL was more streaky. This was visually evident more with the darker color Eternal Innocence but not as much with Dinosaur Plushie. Just a little goes a long way with Pixie Epoxy so a full size tube ($7.00) will last you and is worth the dollars! I will retire the LL to use with my minerals but Epoxy is where its at when wearing the Fyrinnae shadows.

I am a believer! Thanks for reading! XOXO

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