Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fyrinnae: Glow Blush & more Eyeshadows

I was so impressed with my first order from Fyrinnae that I automatically wanted to order more products from them. However their website is always in limbo between accepting orders and shut down to fill the rush of orders that come in when the site is up. Needless to say I had to wait a while as the site was down for a few weeks but victory is in my grasp as the site is currently online and taking orders the past week - in which I've placed two. 

The order I'm sharing with you lovelies today is 6 of their sample Eyeshadows (+1 free sample of Samhain Spirits) and 7 sample jars of Glow Blush. Fyrinnae gives a lot in their sample jars so if you're new to the company this is a great way to try them out! Not to mention sample jar orders process faster then full size/larger orders as the company produces enough of the colors to satisfy the orders coming in.

Always packaged in fun tissue paper
7 Sample Jars Glow Blush & 7 Sample Jars Eyeshadow

Fire Opal, Lucky Charmed, Rapunzel Had Extensions, Samhain Spirits, Dragons Wing, Digital Faerie & Immortality

Fire Opal, Lucky Charmed, Rapunzel Had Extensions, Samhain Spirits, Dragons Wing, Digital Faerie & Immortality

These shadows are just gorgeous. Rapunzel Had Extensions is my favorite out of this batch of shadows but all of them are simply stunning. They were applied over BFTE's Liquid Luster. To all you diehard Fyrinnae fans, never fear, I have ordered some Pixie Epoxy with my last order and should be receiving it within the next 2 weeks! They were sold out at the time I placed my first order. I highly recommend using a Mixing Medium (i.e. Pixie Epoxy, Liquid Luster, etc) when wearing Fyrinnae as this product is made to be worn with such.

Now onto their Glow Blushes!

Temptation, Intrigue, Captivate, Seduce, Charm, Enchant & Mesmerize

Temptation, Intrigue, Captivate, Seduce, Charm, Enchant & Mesmerize

Its a very gloomy day here in Massachusetts so taking pictures was a bit difficult. My favorite out of the group of blushes is Captivate. It's a beautiful rose pink blush with gold reflects. I'm excited to try these purple blushes out as I usually stick closer to pinks and golds for blush/highlights. It's always good to get out of your safe zone and purple blush is in for Fall.

I did add far more product then whats needed to darken up the swatches so you could see the true color since one or two swipes on my arm wasn't cutting it for pictures. Of course all of these can be blended down to be more sheer and since the blushes are so pigmented you really only need just a little on your cheeks.

I hope you enjoyed all the swatches so far and stay tuned as I have another order in the mail!

Thanks for reading! XOXO


  1. Rapunzel Had Extensions and Lucky Charmed are definitely two of my top favorite Fyrinnae colors..oh wait, Dragon's Wing too ; )
    I should get more of their blushes, I've only tried Bewitching. Great swatches!

  2. I will be super curious to see your thoughts on BTFE's liquid luster v Fyrinnae's pixie epoxy!

  3. Wow.. Fire Opal is... wow.. it looks like a darker version of BFTE's Dragon Slayer, in which case I might even eat it..<3