Thursday, July 28, 2011


 One company I've been dying to try that has come highly suggested by a few friends of mine was Fyrinnae. They are a small indie company located in Washington state and create their shades per order. Their website currently advises a 20-22 business day queue and creation time, as there can be up to 500 orders in front of yours. I placed my order on July 15th and received on July 25th which is obviously way faster then their advised time. Maybe because I ordered sample sizes instead of full sized? No clue but I'm glad it came sooner.

Panda Bear Tissue Wrapping! I approve
15 Jars & 1 Free Sample Jar

Sample Jar: Tyr, Wicked, Freya, Hypercool & Dressed To Kill

Top Row: STFU, OMGWTF & Conjuror
Bottom Row: Pumpkinfire, Shinigami & Sorceress

Glitterboi, Dark Fantasy, Madame & Eves, Dark Magik & Boytoy

I am just SO impressed with Fyrinnae. These colors were swatched over BFTE Liquid Luster. Fyrinnae recommends Pixie Epoxy but I felt I would get the same result with the LL. You could wear the Fyrinnae shadows without a medium but you will not get the same amazing color results as shown in the pictures.

Fyrinnae samples are only $2.00 per jar and the company recommends you trying them as samples first. Fyrinnae does not call their eye products mineral shadows and given the fact they really need mixing with Liquid Luster or Pixie Epoxy some people may not like how they apply. Me? I freaken love them. The colors are just so vibrant, flashy & color shifty. When the light hit the swatches I took it just made me gasp!

I haven't had an opportunity to wear these upon receipt so I will post a look soon with a review of how they wear. I admit I'm already planning out my next Fyrinnae order. Updated review will post soon! Thanks for reading! XOXO

**Edit Note: When Fyrinnae receives too many orders, since they are a small company & not many employees, they will take the website down to give them time to fulfill the orders placed. Check back regularly if the site is down/blank.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Glamour Doll Eyes - More Swatches!

At the beginning of this past week Vee at Glamour Doll Eyes had a superb sale to gear up for their relocation. All products were 50% off for the first 100 people to use the coupon code she provided. So naturally I hawked my computer like a hungry vulture (I'm totally okay with that analogy too) on Sunday night so I could take part in this great offer. I ordered 23 jars in all and I wanted to share them with you. <3

Graves In May, Dinospots*, Backstabber, All Nighter, FrankenGlamour & Stellar
Super Shadows: Recruit, Feline Fatale, Spider Sense & Twi Shadows: Premonition, Just Bitten & Mind Reader
I really like every color I purchased in the above pictures. All of them swatched well except for Mind Reader. Its a beautiful blue/black shade with a hint of silverish glitter, as you can see in the above picture with the jar opened.

Drag Queen, Lace Panties & Sarcasm. I love chartreuse eye shadows!

 I also ordered some Eye Lights!

Glamour Doll Eye Lights. Swatched over NYX White Eyeshadow base (L) & Black Bean Jumbo Eye Pencil (R)
Top Row: Rave, Bachelorette & Techno
Second Row: Hot Mess, Cashed Out & Glowstick
Bottom Row: Casino & Monster Mash
The Eye Lights are pretty fun. They can really transform a color as you can see with Glowstick over white & then black. I advise using a mixing medium with cosmetic glitter so they adhere better to your lid with less fall out. I would typically use Beauty From The Earths Mix & Fix or Liquid Luster to achieve this.

Hope you enjoyed the swatches! Thanks for reading! XOXO

Friday, July 22, 2011

MOI Minerals FOTD

So I haven't had too much of a chance to play around with the new MOI Minerals I received in the mail the other day so I wanted to post a quick look today to show you guys how some of the shadows wear!

The colors used were: Cactus, Lime Lights, Copper and DiJon

Overall the shadows apply very smoothly and blend well! Yesterday I was rocking this look and it lasted all day at work. Plus it didn't melt off when I stepped out into Hades....I mean Massachusetts. 80 degrees at 10:30pm is just way too gross for me.

The eye minerals used to create this look were; Talk Dirty To Me, Cactus, Sailors Delight, Copper & Black Raspberry.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

MOI Mineral Cosmetics

Recently I was chosen as a model for MOI Minerals & Cosmetics (located in Nova Scotia, Canada) and I am truly honored to represent this brand. I just received my package in the mail and I wanted to share their products with you guys! Some of these products were purchased by me and some were sent by Holly so I could model and review.

Image Heavy Review <3

Packaged in a brown envelope and secured with ton of packing tape. It was Fort Knox to get into.
Nicely packaged in blue tissue paper w/ tape
 Inside the envelope was 2 Collections (Play Hard Rock Harder & Till Death Do Us Part), 16 jars and some bagged samples. Below are images and swatches of these products. Full size jars come complete with sifters and are sealed with MOI Label tape. I had no spillage in transit!

10 Jars Sent By Holly
Labels are present on the bottom of jars with ingredients included

Lemongrass, Shimmer & Pearls, Copper, Wicked, Dijon & Lime Lights
Chilled, Black Raspberry, Maria & Buffy
 My favorites: Lemongrass, Copper, Wicked, Dijon, Black Raspberry, Maria & Buffy. These colors swatch so nicely and they are over no primer.

Play Hard, Rock Harder Collection $15.00 (sent by Holly)

Talk Dirty To Me, Girls/Girls/Girls, Moon Child, Paranoid & Master Of Puppets
Till Death Do Us Part Collection $9.00 (I purchased)

Both of these collections are amazing! I absolutely love Till Death Do Us Part ! I love green eye shadow and if it's named after zombies I'll love it even more. Play Hard Rock Harder is going to be great for me because I see smokey eye's in my future. I've been huge on dark eyes/nude lips lately.

I purchased the 5 Shadows for $20 & their Shadow Of The Week.

Poison Ivy, Pluto, Sailors Delight, Raze, Cactus & Voluptuous
Bagged Samples sent by Holly

Bellflower, Angel Eyes, Diego, Goldenrod, Artic Gold, Frankenstein & Calla
My favorites: Poison Ivy, Pluto, Sailors Delight, Frankenstein, Diego & Bellflower

Let me just say shipping was incredibly fast from Canada. It shipped July 13th and I received it on July 20th!! Which is a major plus for me because I'm extremely impatient and usually don't order out of country. Would I order from MOI again? Definitely - I like their products and I won't have to wait forever for it to get here.

Plus MOI will be releasing a new Lippy product line very soon and if you know me, you know I <3 lip products! MOI Minerals & Cosmetics can be found on Facebook and at their website. I'll be rockin' some MOI and posting pictures this week with another review on how the eye shadow wears/lasting power/etc.

Thanks for reading! XOXO