Sunday, July 24, 2011

Glamour Doll Eyes - More Swatches!

At the beginning of this past week Vee at Glamour Doll Eyes had a superb sale to gear up for their relocation. All products were 50% off for the first 100 people to use the coupon code she provided. So naturally I hawked my computer like a hungry vulture (I'm totally okay with that analogy too) on Sunday night so I could take part in this great offer. I ordered 23 jars in all and I wanted to share them with you. <3

Graves In May, Dinospots*, Backstabber, All Nighter, FrankenGlamour & Stellar
Super Shadows: Recruit, Feline Fatale, Spider Sense & Twi Shadows: Premonition, Just Bitten & Mind Reader
I really like every color I purchased in the above pictures. All of them swatched well except for Mind Reader. Its a beautiful blue/black shade with a hint of silverish glitter, as you can see in the above picture with the jar opened.

Drag Queen, Lace Panties & Sarcasm. I love chartreuse eye shadows!

 I also ordered some Eye Lights!

Glamour Doll Eye Lights. Swatched over NYX White Eyeshadow base (L) & Black Bean Jumbo Eye Pencil (R)
Top Row: Rave, Bachelorette & Techno
Second Row: Hot Mess, Cashed Out & Glowstick
Bottom Row: Casino & Monster Mash
The Eye Lights are pretty fun. They can really transform a color as you can see with Glowstick over white & then black. I advise using a mixing medium with cosmetic glitter so they adhere better to your lid with less fall out. I would typically use Beauty From The Earths Mix & Fix or Liquid Luster to achieve this.

Hope you enjoyed the swatches! Thanks for reading! XOXO

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  1. I have most of the GDE Lights and no idea how to use them but now I have a way so they can stop sitting in my drawers, thank you.