Sunday, July 10, 2011

Beauty From The Earth: Summer Tones - Golds!

Summer time is here and you can feel it in there air and no I'm not talking just about humidity. :) This year I've been leaning towards wearing more golds/bronzes and bright colors to celebrate the season with. I pretty much avoid prolonged sun exposure (delicate fair skin and no SPF 10,000) so I strut my stuff with eye shadows.

Beauty From The Earth has a great collection of Golds/Bronzes and Tropical themed colors to rock during picnics or summer partys! I wanted to swatch a few from my collection to give you an idea of how ah-mazing these Golds & Bronze shades are. 

I also have swatched a few goldy/bright yellows & greenish golds (i.e.above image w/ Avoid The Mistletoe) because they shouldn't be ruled out of the ultimate summer look.

Mutiny, 24K Gold, Whimsey, Amber, Heat & Autumn

Mutiny, 24K Gold, Whimsey, Amber, Heat & Autumn

Top Row: Mutiny, 24K Gold, Whimsey    Bottom Row: Amber (only available in Rockin' Rainbow Collection), Heat & Autumn
Shopaholic, Beam, Halo, Valley Girl, Glimpse, Avoid The Mistletoe & Harvest

Samples: Shopaholic, Beam, Halo, Valley Girl, Sunset BLVD & Glimpse    Full Size: Avoid The Mistletoe & Harvest

Halo, Sunset BLVD, Whimsey, Amber & Butt Naked

Don't be afraid to throw in some Teals, Bright Greens or Pinks!


  1. These are the colors that I've been wearing this summer too. (Although I'm currently wearing denim blues.)

  2. Blues and golds are the perfect combo! I swear by it <3

  3. I need Mutiny and Sunset BLVD! And I really want Amber, I wish it was sold separately.. boo lol.