Thursday, July 14, 2011

Glamour Doll Eyes

Recently on my Facebook page I inquired to my followers what brands of make up I should check out and one of the suggestions was Glamour Doll Eyes! I had read a bit about this company and really liked the swatches I was able to find on the internet. With so many positive reviews I decided to place my order on Tuesday and it was here to greet my mailbox on Friday afternoon!

Inside the package was one of the most impressive packing and promo material I have ever received from an "indie" company. A brochure detailing a lot about the company, How To Create look card, stickers, business cards, Thank You card from Vee (the owner) & samples!

Brochure & How To Create A Look Card
Samples (2), Business Cards, Stickers, Thank You Card from Vee
Free Samples of Unicorn & Undercover
 After taking a few moments to look over all the materials in the package I dove right into the eye shadows. I had ordered 11 sample jars of eye shadows that were all blended by Vee and not listed with an *. I have quite an extensive eye shadow/mineral collection and didn't want to chance getting a dupe color. I wanted to see what amazingness Vee had concocted up!

From Glamour Doll Eyes website:
What does the * next to the shadow name in a listing mean?
The colors that are listed with a * by their names means that they are unblended. This means that we take minerals/pigments in its truest form besides adding powders (on most occasions) to improve slip, adhesion, blend ability and longevity. This allows us to offer a wide variety of colors at the customers request while still being able to spend more time creating more complex colors. This might also mean that some of these colors are close or exact dupes to other companies that offer unblended shadows as well, so please read descriptions and swatches carefully.

Top of Lid on Sample Jar
Jars come completely sealed
11 Sample Jars with Labels on bottom

I had ordered the Art Deco Collection (Tattooed, Island Chic, Oddity, Juicy Mango, Phyrra & Pistol Pistol) $10.75 and 5 other samples (Undead, Ahoy Sailor, Girlfriend Sweater, Veteran & Sex Appeal) $2.50 ea jar.

Tattooed, Phyrra, Undead, Pistol Pistol, Ahoy Sailor, Girlfriend Sweater & Island Chic

Tattooed, Phyrra, Undead, Pistol Pistol, Ahoy Sailor, Girlfriend Sweater & Island Chic
Veteran, Sex Appeal, Oddity, Juicy Mango, Undercover & Unicorn

Veteran, Sex Appeal, Oddity, Juicy Mango, Undercover & Unicorn
I'm really impressed with some of these colors. They all swatched smoothy and had great color pay out. I was even more so wowed with colors like Veteran, Undead & Sex Appeal because they looked pretty in the jars but OMG when I got them on my arm I just stared at how stunning they are. I will most definitely be ordering from this company again to get a few more colors that caught my eye.

GDE's Phyrra, Undead & Tattooed

I <3 Hedgehogs!

For all of you thinking about trying GDE: Glamour Doll Eyes has a great Sample Section where you can get all their eye shadows and collections in sample bags or jars. Shipping is free on all samples and if you dig your colors enough they will credit the balance paid for a sample jar or bag towards a full size one - just send them an email prior to ordering.

Thanks for reading! XOXO


  1. You have a tiny hedgehog! No fair! (I am tempted by GDE's glitters)

  2. Great Review.. I have been eyeing them for awhile, but never ordered.. I may have to now!!

  3. hey do u like them better than bfte? I hate when i get a dark color and it come out black!

  4. Thanks guys! I'm so glad you enjoyed!
    @CJ: I think BFTE will always be my favorite. They have an amazing selection of colors and I personally own 150+ of them. :) I love BFTE
    @Ruthy: I love my hedgehogs! I actually do rescue work and take care of 15 of them :)

  5. ok good to know! also what color of lip stick r u wearing in this pic as well as the 4th of july look (red)

  6. OCC Lip Tar in Pagaent and OCC Lip Tar in NSFW for the 4th pic :)

  7. I just ordered some and im uuber excited to get them so i can jump right in!

  8. I absolutely love GDE, you got several of my favorites but I must recommend Trophy Wife as an OMG in gold dry but so amazing wet! I also recommend looking in to MineralFaceFX on facebook their 2011 collection has a color name Champagne Toast that might replace my Trophy Wife, doubt it but I am loving these golds.