Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sugarpill Cosmetics: Chromalust Loose Eye Shadow

Last month I ordered all the pressed eye shadows available at Sugarpill Cosmetics after waiting eons trying to make up my mind on whether I should or shouldn't. After getting the pressed shadows I was so glad I finally did order them because I'm really loving everything Sugarpill right now. That being said I couldn't resist the urge to try Sugarpills Chromalust Loose Eyeshadows
 Warning: Tons of pictures for your viewing pleasure!

I purchased 8 Chromalust Loose Shadows in: Junebug, Absinthe, Hysteric, Magpie, Stella, Goldilux, Asylum & Lumi. Also in the package was a sample of Tipsy! Sugarpill Chromalust Loose Eyeshadows retail at $12.00 per jar. As you can see with the following pictures you certainly get a lot.

Hysteric, Lumi, Goldilux & Absinthe. Picture taken with no flash

Junebug, Magpie, Stella & Asylum. Picture taken with no flash
Free Sample of Tipsy
 Overall impression? I love it!! The colors apply like buttah' (in a good way) and holy pigmentation! Love glitter? This is for you! Every single color I purchased was amazing and I love each one! Would I purchase again? OH YES. There are a few more shades (Royal Sugar, Decora, etc) that I want. I'm not sure if I'll purchase the entire line of loose shadows only because I don't wear light pinks/purples too often. If you followed my blog you can see I'm into bright bold or dark but that doesn't mean you couldn't rock them!

Tako, Afterparty, Goldilux & Magpie

Tako, Afterparty, Goldilux & Magpie

Sugarpill: Tako, Lumi, Absinthe, Junebug, Goldilux & Bulletproof


  1. Lovely pics!!! I love sugarpill.. I cant wait to get more.. and the loose shadows I def wanna pic up eventually! Great Haul and beautiful colors!!

  2. You're pretty as a junebug and now you have your namesake chromalust!
    Can't wait to see what else you come up with using these. Next time I get more Sugarpill I want Asylum, Junebug and Stella :) x

  3. Thank you both so much! I really appreciate the compliments and feed back! :)

    I really want to get my paws on Royal Sugar next. I'm a sucker for dark blues. :) Plus I'm waiting to see if my sister wants any other colors. We went halfsies on this haul and I'm sending her half of each jar.

    Any colors you guys recommend that I don't have?

  4. I was going to comment about the junebug reference but someone bet me to it! To be honest, I actually thought you may have named your blog after the shadow.

    Royal Sugar is seriously amazing, and Magentric is also a must IMO :)

  5. @Leona: the name for my blog was actually a saying I heard my grandpa say from time to time many years ago :) Tho the color is amazing! I will check out Magnetric too! :) TY!