Thursday, July 7, 2011

Regeneration Alchemy PT 2

Recently I received some Regeneration Alchemy samples from a blog giveaway and I liked what I saw. So I decided to order and try out more of their product line. Regeneration Alchemy has sampler deals where you can get 3 Full Size Jars of your choice for $10.00 or 5 Bagged Shadow Samples (your choice) for $3.50 . I decided to do both so I could try out more of their minerals. Kelly at Regeneration Alchemy was kind enough to offer my readers & I a 20% discount this week to try their products! The code is "Junebug" and is valid through 07/09/2011.

Well, it arrived in the mail today! I instantly came home from work to swatch what I got to show you the goods. Kelly was also kind enough to include some extra samples to swatch and wear! Looks to come ASAP.

Arrived in less than 2 days in plain envelope mailer (I'm also located in the same state)
Product neatly wrapped in adorable tissue paper with Merci sticker
Full Size Jars came in bubble wrap with fancy tape
10 Samples, 3 Full Size Jars & Lip Balm
Full Size Jars come complete with sifters w/ seals however no ingredients listed on bottom
Enigma, Emerald & Starry Night
Enigma, Emerald, Starry Night, Dreamscape, Lava & Deep Sea
Luna, Barfly, Aphid, Mermaid, Ultra Marine, Fire & Burnish
Sample bag of Ultra Marine w/ ingredients listed
I really enjoyed every single color that came in my package. I was instantly digging Emerald, Starry Night, Enigma, Deep Sea & Burnish. The colors have a smooth velvety texture when applied for swatches. Some of the colors seemed a little more prone to fall out (for example: Dreamscape) and others (for example: Ultra Marine) really stuck to my finger and I had to go over the swatch to get it off my finger. None of the colors left streaks when swatched though so you could tell they were mixed thoroughly.

I really love Earth tones & I especially like their Greens & Browns so I'm going to keep my eye on Regeneration Alchemy and their new products released because I would buy from again!

I'll post some looks with the new goods within 2 days! Thanks for reading! XOXO

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