Monday, September 19, 2011

Inglot Cosmetics

One of my dear friends was selling her 3 pan palette from Inglot Cosmetics so I had to snatch it up because Inglot is a company I've always wanted to try. Inglot is a higher end cosmetic company which offers you the 'Freedom System' of custom building a palette to your liking. You purchase the empty palettes (with numerous styles to choose from) and then pick the eyeshadow shades (or blush) you'd like. If that's not for you they do sell individual eyeshadow pots. Just browsing their website can be overwhelming considering the choices you have.

The 3 pan palette I picked up is more of a neutral palette and away from what I normally wear - which is bright in your face colors.

These colors are very beautiful. I was impressed by the texture of the eyeshadow itself when I was swatching. It was velvety smooth and took only two swipes on my arm to create each swatch so the product is definitely pigmented.
 (L - R)
DS 465: Brown w/ Gold Flecks
 399 Pearl: Shimmery Dusty Pink/Tan
362 Matte: Raspberry/Bubblegum Pink

I loved how this looks in person. This is the first neutral look I've done in a long time and it's a little weird for me - not going to lie. Since I wanted to go a bit more natural I'm not wearing any false lashes in these pictures. However I felt really 'naked' without them so here's a pic of me /with/ false lashes. 

Thanks for reading! XOXO


  1. This is beaqutiful Hether =) I am so sad that Inglot does not ship to my country, that makes me sick :/
    Anyway, beautiful look and nice swatches my Friend.
    Mai Aude.

  2. Looks gorgeous on you!!!! Where do you buy your lashes?

  3. Jealous. I'm looking for a good buttery dusty pink with a metalic finish like that!

  4. Ooo i always get Inglot envy! We don't have a website here in the Uk, which sucks! I so need to make the time to travel to London to try some of these :)