Monday, October 24, 2011

Beauty From The Earth: Mineral Blush & Highlights

This past year I really learned to love Blush & the whole aspect of applying mineral make up to my face to contour and give it an all around glow. Lets face it, I used to believe being pasty pale was where its at but I've really expanded out of some close mindedness. I found that it's okay not to look deathly pale - all the time! 

I have a few different blush brands (Sephora, Sleek, Clinique, Fyrinnae) but I really enjoy BFTE's Mineral Blush & Highlighter. They seem to be my go-to brand and that's okay! Quality product at amazing prices is a win. I started easing into blush with the purchase of Neutral Pink and after scoring Georgia Peach in a following order I was hooked. I never thought a coral tone would be for me but it compliments my skin tone so nicely. So please take chances because you may be shocked with what you find!

Lush, Georgia Peach, Goddess & Buff Apricot

Lush, Georgia Peach, Goddess & Buff Apricot

Doll Face, Bronzed Babe, Zinger & Neutral Pink

Doll Face, Bronzed Babe, Zinger & Neutral Pink

All 3 Highlighters BFTE offers & Medium Bronzer

Pyxis, Lynx, Aquila & Medium Bronzer

Pyxis, Lynx, Aquila & Medium Bronzer - Darkened the image slightly to show a difference
My favorites: Georgia Peach, Doll Face, Buff Apricot & Goddess

The great thing about blush is it can be blended down to a faint trace on your cheeks instead of the 1980's blush application. I'm totally into both looks so it depends on what I'm trying to achieve for the day. Also, another perk to wearing blush is I don't get asked if I use SPF 10,000 every week.

Have any Blush recommendations or must haves that I need? Comment so I can check them out!

Thanks for reading! XOXO


  1. Georgia Peach and Apicot Buff are THE exact colors I've been looking for.
    Thank youuuu.

  2. I agree. These need to be in my collection...NOW!

  3. These look gorgeous!!! The only thing is I don't like any loose powders because I'm so clumsy, I end up spilling the whole thing everywhere!
    I would highly recommend La Femme Blushes if you haven't tried them yet! :)