Sunday, October 9, 2011

MOI Minerals: More Swatches

Happy day! I have some new MOI Minerals to share with you today! I'm so excited about this package because there was a slight debacle receiving it. I had placed my original order at the end of August/beginning of September but since MOI is located in Nova Scotia I'm not counting on the calendar for its delivery due to customs. My sister lives in Canada so I know how long packages can get held up going through. However by the 3rd week in September I contacted Holly at MOI about my missing package.

Holly is SO sweet to deal with. Upon receiving my message she wrote me back and had already got another package together to ship out to me - no questions asked. That speaks leaps and bounds to me about an indie (or any) companies customer service. I really appreciated what she did for me and I had to tell you about MOI's customer service before I got into the goods.

Pandora, Galaxy & Haunted

Pink Stiletto, Monster Mash & Spank Me

Temptress, Rapids & Tubular

Temptress, Rapids, Tubular, Pink Stiletto & Monster Mash

Temptress, Rapid, Tubular, Pink Stiletto & Monster Mash

Spank Me, Pandora, Galaxy & Haunted

Spank Me, Pandora, Galaxy & Haunted

My Favorites: Spank Me, Pandora, Temptress & Haunted

All these colors are pretty fantastic. It was hard to capture the awesomeness of the shadows due to poor lightning (thanks rain clouds) however there wasn't a single shadow I didn't like out of this order. Even Galaxy is pretty fly. Its a purple-black which really shows up in the light. These swatches were applied dry so imagine how stellar they'd be on a base or primer! 

I look forward to creating and sharing some looks with you this week - especially with Spank Me. That blue is amazing. Thanks for reading! XOXO

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