Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hot Topic Baked Eye Shadows

While I was at Hot Topic the other day I decided to snag some more of their Baked Eye Shadows that are lurking on the clearance rack. Hot Topic has come out with a new beauty line called Warpaint so their older collection has been steadily marked down. In with the new and out with the old! 

I haven't had the opportunity to purchase any of the Warpaint shadows yet but wanted to take some pics of the older line and swatches in case you wish to run to your nearest HT to see if they have any left on clearance. I currently got mine with the Clearance Sale (Buy One, Get the Second 1/2 off). Holla at me savings!

Surprisingly, these shadows are pretty pigmented! I never know what to expect when I buy cosmetics at retailers, who's specialty is not cosmetics, because its either great or a dud. To achieve a bright bold look with these I highly recommend a primer first (these swatches were taken without primer).

These baked goods are on sale for $1.98! So if you dig them hit your local HTops!


  1. Whatever you do,DON'T buy their cream shadow palettes.Their AWEFUL..they are pretty much clear oil.It the pan they look wonderful,but that have NO pigmentation whatsoever.The bakes shadows really are their best product from the cosmetic section :}

  2. Omg this are so amazing and so pigmented i love the... there some great eyeshadows please i hope u can follow back