Thursday, June 23, 2011

Eye Primer: Its your BFF!

Recently I've had a lot of questions posed to me (online & in person) about how I get my eye shadows so vibrant. The key player in my make up arsenal is eye primer or eye shadow base. Applied prior to eye shadow application it will increase the color and the longevity of the shadow. The eye primer that has been a staple for me is Urban Decay Primer Potion. Retailing at $18.00 (Vintage Bottle, pictured below) and up depending on size you purchase.

NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean, NYX White Eye Shadow Base & UDPP

Recently I purchased NYX's Eye Shadow Base in White ($4.99 at Cherry Culture) & their Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean ($2.99 at Cherry Culture). The white eye base is perfect for bright colors to make them pop but ensure you don't apply to much because it may crease if you really layer it on.

Another option to use as a base is black! Sounds weird? Trust me it transforms any eye shadow into a 'richer' color or bring out that duo-chrome goodness if you happen to be applying one. When I layer my shadows over black I use NYX Black Bean or my Mehron: Paradise Make Up AQ  in Black (semi-soft, water activated) as a base. I know its technically body paint/face paint but it works just as well and it stays forever! Literally will not budge with rubbing. I hate creasing so most eye creams are not for me.

BFTE Celeste swatched on: NYX Black Bean, NYX White Eye Shadow Base, UDPP & Dry/No Primer
As you can see BFTE Celeste is totally transformed into a different color over NYX Black Bean. Comparing NYX White Eye Base & the UDPP the color looks almost identical but there are differences that weren't picked up by my camera. Also, I'd like to note that while the NYX White Eye Shadow Base is great with bright colors it would not look too grand with neutral/natural shades but that wouldn't be a problem for UDPP. Eye primer is a must if you plan on wearing loose eye shadow and you'll get the true color pay out of your eye shadows with it! 

Thanks for reading! XOXO


  1. Thanks for reading Emily! I wanted to post something for the new people just getting into make up who have had questions. <3

  2. That's great! I myself was wondering how your shadows always look so bright ;D
    And now I need Celeste...

  3. Great post. You should check out e.l.f eye primer as an alternative to UDPP. It is only $1 and it works just as good!!

  4. I use this sample example for people all the time when I am explaining how to make eye shadows pop and not crease! Great post :)

  5. I would have never thought to use Black Bean as a base for color, I have UDPP and even a depotted NYX Milk, thank you I have learn something today and will probably use my Black Bean more now.