Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sugarpill Cosmetics

 One indie company getting mega hype on the internet for their pressed palettes & loose minerals is Sugarpill Cosmetics. After a fellow make up lover reviewed their products on her blog I knew I had to give them a try! I ordered on Monday, the package was processed through the post on Wednesday and it was in my hands Friday afternoon! Extremely fast processing and shipping from Oakland, CA to Massachusetts!


I received the Burning Heart palette, Sweetheart palette, Bulletproof pressed and a lovely sample of Goldielux Loose Eyeshadow. Sugarpill has amazing packaging! Their products are very pigmented so a little of the pressed shadow goes a long way!

 Sweetheart Palette $34.00

 Bulletproof Pressed Eyeshadow $12.00

Burning Heart Palette $34.00

Goldielux Loose Eyeshadow Sample

Buttercupcake, Tako, Afterparty, Midori & Poison Plum
Would I order from Sugarpill again? Oh yes! I would love to try their loose eyeshadows next! I'll post some more looks very soon. Thanks for reading!


  1. I still need to order the Sweetheart palette and Bulletproof, I'm running out of patience lol! I haven't tried their loose pigments but I've heard great things so I think I'll need to try some of those too, whenever I have money lol.. x3

    Can't wait to see more looks!! <3

  2. Thanks Emily <3!! I want to try their loose pigments as well but that will have to wait for me too. :) Im dying to get my hands on the greens.

  3. Hoping to get some Sugarpill Cosmetics for my birthday! Just some quick questions, if I were to only get one black, should I invest in Bulletproof or Stella? Do they apply smoothly? And is there a lot of fallout with either? I will be getting each of the 4-color palettes, so I'm uber excited! Thanks, and love all your looks and reviews

  4. Hey Amy! :D

    Thank you so much for compliments! It means a lot to me that you enjoy my blog! <3

    Bulletproof is a perfect matte black. Since it is pressed it doesn't have too much fall out because a little bit go a long way. :)

    Stella is a wonderful loose black but its loaded with rainbow glitter. Loose eyeshadows do have more fall out but use an eye primer and apply with a patting motion so that'll minimize fall out. :)

    I love Sugarpill! I use the pressed shadows more then the loose personally <3 I hope that helps!

  5. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! I still can't decide, though! :) I may just end up getting both to make it easier on myself, lol

    I absolutely love your blog, and your swatches helped me decide on what colors I wanted to order next from BFTE! They were the first mineral shadows I ever bought about a year ago, and every new mineral I wear is heavily compared to their quality of products.

    Thanks again, and I look forward to your future posts