Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sugarpill Cosmetics: Chromalust Loose Eye Shadow PT 3

December finds me buried in Holiday To-Do's with a crazy non-stop work schedule. I have plenty of goodies to share with you that I've ordered in the past few weeks and now I have some free time to take pics & upload!

I'm still trying to round out my collection of Sugarpill Chromalust Loose Eye Shadows and by golly I'll get there eventually! I ordered 3 jars of their loose shadows during their Pink Weekend sale on November 25th. Shipping took way longer then I had expected (order placed on Nov 25th, Tracking # received Dec 2nd and product received Dec 8th) BUT this is not normal of SP. Usually I receive the package within 4 days and I'll definitely throw more funds their way in the future.

Holy cats, check out Darling! This is by far one of the prettiest shades (I think) from Sugarpill. Its such an amazing teal green shade but it almost 'glows' in the jar when you get it under light. Highly recommend it!

Here are some pics of the swatches I took. All of which are dry on skin without primer.

Only 3 more jars of Chromalust shadows to go and I'll be complete - - Until Sugarpill releases some new colors (which is supposed to happen in the near future and I'll be all over those!)

Thanks for reading & Happy Holidays!


  1. I'm intrigued more by your nails. How do you have them done?

  2. My boyfriend tried to get me some Sugarpill stuff for my birthday but everything I wanted was out of stock.

  3. @Suzi: I have gels that really need a fill right now. I love picking colored tips and then designs. :)

    @Etherea: Boo :( That happened to me when I first started ordering. Especially for the palettes. Hope you get your hands on some!