Monday, August 29, 2011

Beauty From The Earth: Brown & Gold Mineral Swatches

I don't wear neutral tones often but Beauty From The Earth has the most amazing selection <3

Hangover is also a matte orange - sneaky thing snuck its way into the neutrals!

Hangover, Fawn, 24K, Autumn, Whimsey & Big Island
Mudslide, Baked, Wizards Wand, Truffle, Long Way Down & Amber
Gable, Celtic Charms, Treason, Copper Cauldron, Mississippi Mud & Afterthought

This last swatch is made of win. Every single color is gorgeous and on my recommended must have list. Gable is one of the prettiest brown/w gold shades I own in my entire collection. Mississippi Mud is the ultimate crease defining brown!
Heat, Romeo, Riddle, Honey & Outsider
Some of these colors, i.e. Riddle, are much more awesome in person and have a duo chromey goodness that can't seem to be captured by my camera!

Thanks for reading! XOXO


  1. U RAWK!!!!!
    I RLY needed these swatches to make up my mind!!!!

    / \ ◄

  2. I'm the same way LT! :) That's why I try to swatch everything because I'll scour the internet for hours just looking for them <3