Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Beauty From The Earth: More Swatches

I ordered some more Beauty From The Earth recently so that means I have some swatches to show you.

 Caribbean: Teal w/ Shimmer
Melon: Pink/Peach Shimmer
Pizzaz: Green w/ Slight Seafoam Tint. Purple/Pink/Gold Glitter
Green Apple: Bright Grass Green
Insomnia: Dark Blue w/
Miracle: Dark Sapphire Blue w/ Diamond Sparkle
Orangery: Matte Orange, vibrant!

If you are a fan of green eye shadows you need Pizzaz in your life. I was seriously wowed at how gorgeous this color is!

Caribbean, Melon, Pizzaz, Green Apple, Insomnia, Miracle & Orangery


  1. Love them, thanks for the pics! I think your description of Insomnia got cut off though, it just says Dark Blue w/
    I'm curious about it, it looks like such a nice color!

  2. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!

    i love it when ppl post swatches i could KISS you!!!! heheheheheh!!! ^_^


  3. Should be getting me some Melon any day now :)

  4. Ooo pretty! I ordered both their "My First" kits the other day so excited to try them out! xx