Monday, August 1, 2011

Beauty From The Earth: Swatches & Bed of Roses Mini Collection

The best sight of my day is that yellow bubble envelope with a hot pink label in my mailbox. Beauty From The Earth is my addiction. I've been a customer for almost a year now and I swear by their products. In this order I purchased the Indelible Gel Liner in Black Out, Medium Bronzer, and received my 5 free jars for my 365 Days of BFTE picks. The eye minerals I choose were: Titan, Hollywood Secrets, Meteor Shower, G Kelly & Blue Pacific.

Medium Bronzer, Titan, Hollywood Secrets, G Kelly, Meteor Shower & Blue Pacific
Titan, Hollywood Secrets, G Kelly, Meteor Shower & Blue Pacific
These eye mineral shades are awesome! My favorites: Hollywood Secrets & Meteor Shower. The glitter in Meteor Shower is pure rainbow disco and I love the deep purplish-black undertones in Hollywood Secrets.

Also in the package was the New & Limited Bed Of Roses Collection. The BOR Collection is a great deal at $18.00 for 3 full size jars and all three colors are only available in this set. 

Sugar Coated, Pricked & A La Rose
Trying out the Bed Of Roses Collection

A La Rose is my favorite out of this collection! It's absolutely beautiful! Please excuse my forehead 'winkles'. I was gifted with droopy eyelids (go genetics!). BOR Collection is a spiffy collection for a great price! So if you like pinks check it out!

Thanks for reading! XOXO

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