Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Beauty From The Earth: Teal & Green Mineral Swatches

Since I was trapped inside due to Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene earlier this week I decided it was about time that I swatched my entire BFTE Collection. Today I'm sharing the Teals & Green swatches with you.

Caribbean, Tickle Me, Gem, 7 Seas, Spoiled & Walking On Water
Marina, Illusion, Seafoam, Message In A Bottle, Atomic Teal & Aqua

G. Kelly, Emerald, Bing, Tropical, Voodoo & Bombshell
Tropical is an amazing color because its green but when wet/foiled has a blue tone to it (I wet half the swatch to show you). Also, I'd like to note that Voodoo is an amazing green with lots of gold in it that my camera did not pick up. One of my personal fav greens.

Ying Yang, Lucky Me, Pricked, Lavish, Spring Moss & Cheap Thrills
Hocus Pocus, Trinity, Saturday Morning, Evergreen, Erase The Stigma & Grassy
Pizzaz, Celeste, 1939, Pegasus, Cool Mist & Jaded
Pizzaz and Celeste are beautiful colors that I highly recommend. Pizzaz has all kinds of different color (purple/gold/pinky) glittery goodness that we love in it!

Poison Brew, Green Apple, Limeaide & Nani
Lichen, Utopia, Mint & Guilty
My one true love, green, oh how I plan on owning ALL of the BFTE green line! Any suggestions for some BFTE greens that I should get my paws on?

Thanks for reading!


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  2. i know i keep saying this but THANK YOU A MILLION BAJILLION TIMES!!!!!

  3. Yay teals and greens! Lemme think... I didn't see Emerald City in your swatches but I'm sure you already have it. I love that green :) Sour is also a really nice bright green<3

    Thanks for the swatches!!!

  4. Pretty swatches :) And yay for teals and green!

    Are 1939 and Bombshell very different? I've always been curious. I have 1939..

  5. @Emily: I totally need Sour! I do have Emerald City and you're right - its awesome!

    @Jenn: 1939 has a black base to it w/ green sparkle but Bombshell is straight up green w/ green sparkle. Both really pretty colors & I was amazed at how pretty Bombshell was! :) If you like 1939/greens you'll love Bombshell.