Sunday, August 21, 2011

Urban Decay: 15th Anniversary Palette

Praise! The Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette arrived via UPS yesterday and I'm thrilled! This limited edition palette is gorgeous. It retails for $55.00 and can be purchased via Urban Decay, Sephora or Ulta

The great perk to this collection is all 15 shadows are brand new and exclusive to this one palette. If you own any Urban Decay palettes you know that they do double expose colors throughout their collections. No worries about that with this beauty!

Forgive the finger prints.

The presentation is top notch! I literally just stared at it for a good minute looking at all the detail to the packaging and case itself. The Collection is placed within a purple velour tray and is quite a snug fit. The case to this palette is all mirror/reflective material (there's also a full mirror under the lid) so I apologize for the photos/fingerprints. I sadly did not have a black or white background to shoot these photos on (the base of the palette is purple).

Midnight Rodeo, Midnight 15, Vanilla, Flow & Chase

Tainted, Junkshow, Omen, Evidence & Deep End
Deeper, M.I.A, Ace, Blackout & Half Truth
All of the eye shadows are fantastic and pigmented! I was debating between this Collection & the Naked Palette. What sold me on the 15 Year palette is there's a great mix of bright & neutral shadows. So if I want to go neutral I have options or if I want to go tropical I'm covered too or I can incorporate a little of both into one look. I'm into having options when I drop $55 clams on a palette. I think I'll eventually acquire the Naked Palette but this certainly suits my needs for now.

Midnight Rodeo (Bronzey Brown w/ Gold Glitter)
Midnight 15 (Honey/Taupe)
Vanilla (Light Yellow Gold/Shimmer)
Flow (Peach w/ Goldy Shimmer)
Chase (Med Brown/Copper)  

Tainted (Pink w/ Gold Undertone)
Junkshow (Fuchsia/Pink w/ Blue Undertone)
Omen (Lavender Purple w/Blue Duochrome)
Evidence (Dark Blue w/ Blue Reflects/Black Base)
Deep End (Bright Tealy Goodness)

Deeper (Bronzey/Golden Brown)
M.I.A. (Dark/Cocoa Brown)
Ace (Gun Metal w/Silver Reflects)
Blackout (Perfect Black)
Half Truth (Shimmery Iridescent Purple)

 Do I think the palette is worth the money? Indeed I do and look forward to having it in my stash.

Thanks for reading! XOXO


  1. Wow this looks nice! I love the looks of Deep End and Junkshow, so bright!! Options are good ;) Thanks so much for sharing! I've never tried any UD shadows, so now I can live vicariously through you ;P lol

  2. UD shadows are the bomb! This is my first UD palette that I've purchased (besides owning 4 individual UD shadows). I really wanted this one for the bright colors and am pretty happy with it. Not sure if I'll be buying another UD palette anytime soon tho. I want more BFTE. LOL

  3. I have a friend who recently go the Naked Pallet and she adores it. So hey, probably worth it. : ) Her ONLY complaint is she thought there'd be more matte shades.