Monday, August 15, 2011

Sleek MakeUp: Sunset & Bad Girl Palettes

I've been checking out Sleek MakeUp online due to hearing nothing but positive reviews about their i-Divine palettes. Sleek MakeUp is based in the UK and labels themselves as a street brand, selling their products in drug stores across parts of Europe. Since I live in Massachusetts I'm thankful they also do international shipping ($13.50 S&H to USA).

They carry a wide range of products from 17 shades of Foundations, newly released Pout Paint (similar to OCC Lip Tars) & their popular i-Divine palettes ($10.00 & up). 

In my package received today I got the i-Divine Sunset & i-Divine Bad Girl palettes!

Both palettes retail at $10.00

i-Divine Sunset Palette

i-Divine Bad Girl Palette

OMG I am in LOVE with these palettes. They're nicely pigmented, go on great without primer (all swatches done w/o primer) and they are just beautiful! I'm not crazy about the waffling on the shadows but I can get over it. Not to mention if you travel alot these palettes are thin and light weight. Easy to store in your carry on.

Both palettes are exactly what I was hoping for! I love the Sunset palette for the summery/fall looks I can create with it and I am a sucker for smokey eyes so the Bad Girl palette is made just for that! I have 3 more Sleek i-Divine palettes in transit and will be posting pics/swatches ASAP! 

Thanks for reading! XOXO


  1. Sunset has been in my collection for a while now.
    And I think you should befriend a UK blogger to do swaps with =) Because they can get them rather cheap in Superdrug

  2. That's a brilliant idea! :) Now I just gotta bro down with someone from the UK.

  3. I would, too, but there is literally NOTHING special in Slovenia that they can't get in the UK :)

  4. Oh dude! I had no clue where you were at! :D I feel like a dummy

  5. If you can get your hands on the Curacao palette from their Caribbean collection do it! It's gotta be my favourite palette to date, i've got a little bit of an urge to collect them now :P

  6. LE from sleek are usually awesome, too.

    Haha, well, if you ever want anything from Catrice
    I can hook you up. I'm pretty much sure that is one thing you North American gals can't get locally.

  7. OH! I've never heard of Catrice before. I'm a bit sheltered :) Their products look pretty good from their website. Any suggestions? ;)

  8. I'm only getting familar with their range, eyeshadows are good quality, nail polishes are awesome. Gel liners! Their cream shadows work best for the oilest of lids.
    They have an amazing pore refiner thing for pore minimizing.

    Lipstains, too. But lipstains are a very rare thing in European drugstores, so it might not sound exciting to you, but it is for u. =)

    I'm making posts about a few items just now.